Race – Human 2.0
Rank – Seasoned
Occupation – Virtual Racer (Income 2k + driving x 100)

  • Agility – d6
  • Smarts – d12
  • Spirit – d6
  • Strength – d4
  • Vigor – d6
  • Driving/Motorcycle – d6
  • Fighting/Martial Arts – d6
  • Shooting/Pistol – d6
  • Stealth/Sneaking – d4
  • Healing/Surgery – d6
  • Notice/Visual – d8
  • Repair/Weapons – d4
  • Streetwise/Southside – d6
  • Psionics – d10
  • Persuasion/Diplomacy – d6
  • Athletics/Climbing – d4
  • Knowledge/Anatomy – d8
  • Knowledge/Forensics – d6
  • Knowledge/Microbiology – d6
  • Knowledge/Chemistry – d8
    English, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, German, Farsi
    Charisma – +2
    Parry – 5
    Toughness – 5
  • Arrogant
  • Vengeful, minor
  • Loyal
  • Bloodthirsty
  • Attractive
  • Arcane Background Psionics – Freek
  • +4 Disease Resistance
  • Kerse
  • Terry Mathis – Surgeon
  • Sara Tulli – Minor UN Functionary
    Street Cred – 4 of 4
    Psionic Talents
  • Healing (F) – Novice – Cost 3 – Touch – Instant – Laying on hands (glowing light)
    Healing repairs recent bodily damage. It must be used within the ‘Golden Hour.’ Removes 1 wound with a success, 2 with a raise. The roll
    suffers a penalty equal to the victim’s wounds. Can cure poison and disease if used within 10 minutes.
  • Succor (F) – Novice – Cost 1 – Touch – Instant – Laying on hands (glowing light)
    Succor removes 1 fatigue with a success, 2 with a raise. Can also remove shaken status. Succor may be used to restore consciousness to
    those who have been incapacitated due to wounds, though the wounds remain. It does not stop bleeding or heal mortal wounds.
  • Beast Friend (F) – Novice – Cost special – Smarts x 100 yds – Psionics minutes – Concentration & Hand gestures
    Allows the psionicist to speak with and guide the actions of natural beasts. Only works on creatures with animal intelligence. Does not work
    on conjured, magical or otherwise ‘unnatural’ animals. Base cost is 3, plus 2x size. Swarms may also be controlled; small 3, medium 5, large 8.
  • Bolt (T) – Novice – 1 per 2d6 bolt, up to 3, or 2 for 1 3d6 bolt – 12/24/48 – Instant – Fire, Ice, Light, Darkness, Insects, etc.
    Bolts may be spread among targets as the psionicist chooses. Rolled like full-auto weapons fire without penalty
  • Pummel (T) – Seasoned – 2 – Cone – Instant – Rippling Earth, Buffeting Winds or rushing waters
    Pummel knocks down multiple foes. The force released is a cone template, any friend or foe touched by the template must make a Strength
    roll, at -2 with a raise. Any target that fails is knocked back 2d6" and becomes prone. If the target strikes an inanimate object, they are Shaken
    as well. Targets with cover may subtract the cover modifier from the total distance moved, flying/swimming targets suffer an additional -2 to
    their strength roll.

Anise was born 31 years ago in Chicago to Dr. Michael & Elizabeth Walters. Anise’s father was one of the first to allow public knowledge that his child was human 2.0. This eventually lead to the death of Dr. Walters at the hands of Humanity First radicals. Elizabeth raised Anise in the New York Reclamation Zone where she worked as a minor diplomat with the UN. Anise spent her teen years excelling in school, even spending 3 semesters in Harvard Medical School. School quickly began to chaif Anise as the memories of her father’s gruesome murder continued to bother her, believing she was responsible for her father’s murder.

Just before Anise’s 20th birthday, her mother accepted a job as the North American Coalition’s Ambassador to the Southern Eurasian Union. Around this same time Anise’s psionic abilities started coming to light. Realizing she now was out from under the influence of her overprotective mother and having the skills and abilities to make some real headway in the search for the men responsible for killing her father, Anise dropped out of school and moved back to Chicago where she spends her spare time looking into Humanity First, trying to determine the identities of the men responsible for her father’s death.

Anise has built a hatred for Humanity First and it’s principles and has no compunction about harming or even killing their members if it will lead her to her father’s killers.

Terry Mathis was one of Dr. Walters closest friends in medical school and worked at the same hospital with Dr. Walters, being almost an uncle to Anise as a child.

Sarah Tulli used to be Anise’s mother’s assistant and still works as a diplomat in the NYRZ.


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