Cynthia Wonderly

A 'Damsel in Distress'


Cynthia Wonderly, AKA Patricia O’Shea hired the team to find her missing sister in the “What’s Happening Really?” mission.


Patricia is clever and a cheat. Her moral compass points … forward. If she worked in the corporate world she would be the upwardly mobile executive who has earned several promotions through her motivation and talents and even more promotions through her beauty and ability to sway men to her will. She has expensive tastes and refined style. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Unfortunately for her, she has been down on her luck lately. Or to be more accurate, she has been down on her luck her entire life. She wasn’t born to the wealth and advantage that would have seen her progressing through the corporate world. She was born in the Lombard Projects a trash littered hole where young ladies highest goals are to get a job in the Fleshpot, peddling their bodies in the hopes of a paycheck and the dreams of a rich John taking them out to the dream world of lavish comforts. Patricia spent her time there but it wasn’t a rich John that took her out it was a sleazy fixer who talked her into working for him. Really it meant more prostitution but she also met Freelancers that contacted Harvey for guns or equipment to make their runs. She talked her way on to the team with a group and has been working the edges ever since. She has long went her own way but when the money was down, she hooked up with a Gang lead by Johnny Spectre who promised her money and glory and for a change she spent less than half of her time under or on top of his desk. Of course like always, she had her own scams running on the sidelines. This time with Wayne Thursen, one of Johnny’s men. Together they hashed up a scheme to heist some loot from an under defended Museum in Egypt and sell it to Johnny through an intermediary. Maybe some down on his luck small business schmuck. She spun through the Chicago directory and lighted upon Private Investigators.

Cynthia Wonderly

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