Emil Vargas


Emil was once the most feared Doomrager enforcer. However, a drug-induced binge led to the unprovoked killing of several members of the rival Silver Jackals, breaking a long standing truce and triggering a gang violent war. To end the war, Mantis was instructed to bring her former friend in. Vargas then turned on and attacked his own gang members, killing several in the process. Perhaps sensing that his time was quickly approaching an end, he went on a chaotic rampage – robbing & killing seemingly without discretion, eventually taking a young woman hostage to escape the police, before suddenly disappearing.

The only way to end this rampage was to put an end to Vargas. Mantis reached out and asked her friend Dagger, to assist her. At the same time, detective Alexis Napoli was assigned to the kidnapping, as the young woman that was taken, was Savanna Abernathy, the daughter of Roseland councilman, Miles Abernathy. Having no leads, she reached out to her former partner Reese Carmichael, who had an ear to the street. He agreed to help her.

On a tip, Reese discovered the whereabouts of where Vargas was holed up – a derelict apartment complex. He found Savanna, freed her and almost made it out before a heavily drugged Vargas came upon him and savagely attacked him in the courtyard. The attack was interrupted by the recently arrived Dagger, who dueled Vargas, using his combative skills to fend off his frenzied attacks. When an opportunity gave Vargas the upper hand, a well-timed distraction allowed Dagger time to recover and strike a fatal blow to Vargas. With that, the rampage of Vargas ended, and Savanna was safely recovered and returned to a worried father.


Emil Vargas

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