Garrison 'Turmoil' Marshall

A tempermental warthog-hybrid.

Race: Hybrid-Warthog Experience: 6 (Novice) Type: Wild Card
Occupation: Street Tough Bonus Credits: 2000+ (Intimidate x100) Lifestyle: Poor (1000)
Height: 1.95 m Weight: 146 Kg Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Sex: M Age: 25 DoB: 2065.02.28 PoB: Las Vegas
Aliases: Turmoil Residence: Gary Hells, Chicago Status: Paroled Affiliation: None
Attributes Checks Skills
Agility d4 Tricks d4 Fighting d8, Shooting d8
Smarts d6 Tricks d6 Notice d4, Repair d4-4, Streetwise d4, Taunt d4
Spirit d6 Recover d6 Intimidation d6, Persuasion d4
Strength d12 Opposed d12
Vigor d8 Soak d8 Athletics d4
Derived Stats Checks Notes
Charisma 0
Pace 6 Run d6
Parry 5
Tougness 12 (+3 T/A)
Strain 8 -2 Cyber, -3 Bio
Street Cred 2/2
Racial Effect
Big + 1 Size (+ 1 Toughness)
Slow x2 cost to improve Agility in character creation
Solid Starting d6 in Vigor
Hindrances Effect
All-Thumbs Minor +2 to Repair skill checks
Overconfident Major Can win any fight
Stubborn Minor Doesn’t listen to others.
Edges Effect
Brawny + 1 Toughness, x8 for carry multiplier
Nerves of Steel Ignores 1 wound penalty
Nerves of Steel, Improved Ignores 2 wound penalties
Augmentations Grade (Strain) Effect
Subdermal Armor Streetware (1) +1 Supplemental Armor
Emotional Resistance Response System Streetware (1) + 2 to resists Tests of Will.
Muscle Augmentation, Advanced Streetware (3) +2 to Strength Die
T-APP Engrams Active Effect
None - -
Contacts Role
Devin Jacobs Parole Officer
Xavier ‘Twitchy’ Jackson Fixer
Content Not Found: william-turner Corporate Executive
Load Limit: x8 96 192 288
Armor Bonus Location Wt Notes
Reinforced Biker Jacket 3 T/A 5 m3 Impact System
Sunglasses, Ballistic 1 Eyes - Flare Compensation, Low Light
Ballistic Vest 5 T/A 5 Combat Webbing
ED Entourage Suit 3 T/A/L 5
Weapon Range Damage RoF Wt Ammo AP Mode Accessories Notes
AGA Thunderbolt 12/24/48 2d8+1 1 4 2 4 SA Targeting laser Fearsome
RA-12CT Shotgun 10/20/40 1-3d6 3 5 2 - SA/FA Foregrip, Folding Stock, Muzzle Break See Shotgun rules
Chain Hook +1 Reach Str+d6 - 3 - 2 - - Grapple at range
Kukri 2/4/6 Str +d4+1 - 2 - - - -
Gear Wt Ea Qty Notes
Magazine, Thunderbolt 0 3 -
Magazine, Havoc 0 3 -
Magazine-Hi-Cap, Havoc 1 2 -
Magazine, Drum Havoc 2 1 Standard Slug
Ammo, Pistol - 200 Standard
Ammo, Shotgun Slug - 50 2d10 dmg, no range penalty, not shooting bonus
Ammo, Shotgun Shot - 100 1-3d6 dmg, -1d6 per range, +2 shooting bonus
Item 0 1 -
Vehicle Acc/TS Toughness Crew Notes
HD-I Iron Horse 15/31 8(2) 1(+1) -
Funds: 232,533 €
Novice 0 – Brawny 5 – Nerves of Steel, Improved 10 15
Seasoned 20 25 30 35
Veteran 40 45 50 55
Heroic 60 65 70 75
Legendary 80 90 100 110

Random gear

  • 3x (2d6 SMG) with 12 magazines
  • 6x SIG 9mm Holdout with 24 magazines
  • 14x Doses of Tank n’ Spank
  • 3x Malmart Home Medkits
  • 3x Comscince MTS units.

Garrison ‘Gar’ Marshall, or Turmoil to his friends, if he had any, is a large brutish warthog-hybrid, with the social graces and distemper to match. He is quite physically imposing, standing almost 2 meters tall, and pushing 150 kg. He is quite muscular, heavily tattooed and pierced, adding to his overall presence. Similar to his boarish ancestors, he has a notable under bite with titanium-capped incisors. A mowhawk ending in a pony-tail, goatee and none-too-subtle nose ring complete the fearsome ensemble.

Two years ago, he was arrested in Vegas for assault and battery, after he hospitalized a local gang member of the Jackals, on what was judicially perceived as an unprovoked attack (while indeed brutal, it was in retaliation to a slight against one of Turmoil’s neighbors). His prior legal history of violence and run-ins with local authorities quickly landed him in prison, where he reluctantly agreed to cyber-therapy for a reduced sentence. He was then court-suggested for him to leave Vegas or quickly return back to prison, for he would assuredly run into the gang of which he hospitalized a member of. He left Vegas behind and aimlessly bounced around, spending the occasional weekend stay in jail and moving on before eventually ending up in Chicago, where he recently caught up with and got a job from a former Vegas neighbor and friend, Xavier ‘Twitchy’ Jackson as a bouncer at his sleazy strip club, Kiki’s Red Light – deeply buried in the Hells. Just another chapter in his ‘road to nowhere’ biography, it would seem.

He is usually can be found armed with an array of vicious looking melee weapons, a studded bat or vicious knife or a hooked chain – his personal preference. If need be, he is a reliable shot with a pistol or shotgun. His tough-guy persona is not simply an act – he also can walk the walk, as he has been known to shrug off would-be injuries without a second thought. He is a scrapper, and loves to fight, especially when he wins. Adorned with many rings, he emphasizes his tough-guy image with a well-worn biker jacket and sturdy boots. He often smokes cheap cigars, and is seldom seen without one in his mouth or hands.

He is quick-tempered, brash and can be easily set off, although the ERRS has tempered his aggressive tendencies some. Electronics and gadgets perpetually infuriate him as he has no technical aptitude, and more than once have they become a victim to his frustrations. He is on probation for a few more years and is required to report in to his Parole Officer every other Tuesday, or as need dictates. He dislikes bullies, feeling they need to be put in their place, and has been known to step in to defend perceived victims. He notably dislikes gang-bangers and their gangs, and proudly stands without required allegiance to anyone or anything. His confidence in his abilities often leads him to provoke his opponents into attacking him. Often a mistake that they will quickly regret.

He only knows a few people in Chi-Town – his P.O., Devin Jacobs, who is really not too bad, for a annoying overseer. He seems pretty easy going, as long as Turmoil does not get him in trouble. He has gone as far as to turn a blind eye and even help him out/cover for him, but that may not be out of true friendship as much as self preservation or to serve his own self interests. His only ‘true’ friend is Twitchy, a schemer and opportunist, who’s friendship goes back to his days in Vegas.

He currently lives at, Dahl’s Economy Housing a retrofitted storage facility in the Hells, just a few blocks from Kiki’s, which doubles up as his garage, and gym – housing both his bike and an assortment of weightlifting equipment.

Garrison 'Turmoil' Marshall

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