A Cyber-Samurai


Real Name: Shin Yomata
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 115
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Sex: Male
Age: 26

Funds: 3000

TAP Applications
Ether Combat IFF

Augmentation Strain Grade Notes
Cyber-Arm 1 Streetware Firearm, Heavy Range 12/24/48; Damage 3d6; ROF: 1; Shots 10
Fight or Flight System 2 Streetware Grants the Quick Edge
Wireless Reflexes I 2 Streetware +1 Parry, enemies suffer −1 penalty to hit at range/level
Nanobot Implants 2 Streetware Lesser Regeneration
Night Vision Optics 1 Streetware Night Vision
Trauma Suppressor 2 Streetware Ignores 1 level of wound penalty

Combat Webbing
Crisis team Responder Kit

Deflection (Wireless Reflexes)
Boost Trait (Cyber-Arm)


Shin Yomata was born in Tokyo and spent his childhood in training in Boshido with other youths and while he was a satisfactory student he was by no means exceptional. It was only after a horrible accident while he was riding on a monorail that crashed that he began to stand out. His family accrued great debt in repairing young Shin’s shattered body. His upper face including his eyes, his spinal cord, and right arm were all replaced with some of the best cyberware available. A device was inserted into his brain to suppress the tremendous pain he continued to feel. The debt for this was nearly insurmountable and when his parents died, the debt carried over to Shin who has paid for it since he began to accrue wages. What was unusual about Shin’s transformation is that soon his cyberware was performing in ways that the manufacturers had never expected. Though the doctors later removed his cyberware and tested it, nothing unusual was found with the equipment. When new cyberware was installed it began to perform once again far beyond what the cyberware was intended to do. Shin’s extraordinary abilities came to the attention of the Shogunate and he soon was a Government Agent.
Shin soon realized that his government was too inclined towards victory at any cost and so soon he departed Government Service. His life in Japan was over and so he moved to Chicago where he uses his artistic skills to eek out a living as a Calligraphist. He now works for the Japanese consulate for though he tried to escape, his debts have followed him even to the far off land and his honour requires that his debts be paid.
Rectitude (義),Courage (勇),Benevolence (仁),Respect (禮),Honesty (誠),Honour (名誉),Loyalty (忠義)

Character Sheet


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