A joybot.

Trait Rating Skill/Specialization Rating
Agility d6 Athletics/Running d6
Smarts d8 Fighting/Capoeira d4
Spirit d10 Hacking/ Object Editing d6
Strength d6 Healing / First-aid d4
Vigor d6 Notice/Visual d6
Persuasion/Seduction d10
Charisma 4 Repair/Android d6
Parry 4 Shooting/Pistols d6
Toughness 8 (10 in armor) Stealth/Sneak d4
Strain 6 Intimidation/Mental d4
Street Cred 2 Streetwise/Southside d4
Load Limit 30
  • Knowledge: 6
    • Psychology d6
    • Ballroom Dancing d4
    • Singing d6
    • Sexual Techniques d4
  • Languages d6 + 3
    • English d6
    • French d6
    • Italian d4

Real Name: Pleasure-bot Joe-38318
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 189
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Sex: Male
Age: 30

Funds: 20,848

TAP Applications

Tailored Pheromones: Strain:2 (Streetware)
Beautification Treatment: Strain:2 (Streetware)
Cyber-Arm: Strain:1 – Cyber Tools (Streetware)



Joe is the property of Enter-tech his primary function is as a sex bot for female customers. He is still not certain when his programmed “Desire to please his customers” turned into a true compassion to bring joy to those women around him. This compassion expanded to attempt to bring genuine happiness to those around him. He began to understand that a world existed that was not only carnal and sexual. He began to understand that what he was feeling was not always happiness and lust but unusual thoughts like distrust of those that have power over others, compassion for those that have been shouldered aside by others. He met others like Cloak who were genuinely trying to make a difference in the world and he became motivated to help others. When he wasn’t “on-the-clock”.

Character Sheet


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