Tommy 'Blink' Kyeong


He is quite small in stature, just over five-feet tall, and of obvious of Asian (Korean, specifically) ethnicity. With a boyish appearance and just a hint of facial hair, which he proudly displays. He appears to be in his late teens, but claims to be over 20 (and with the identification to prove it). His hair, spiky and black, sports a dyed shock of bright red at the front.

He dresses in loose fitting, well-worn clothes, usually simply faded cargo shorts and a t-shirt, often branded with a local sports team, urban-friendly company, or alternate-trendy band proudly on display. He is seldom seen without his goggles and being plugged into a portable media player (be it music, video or games), distracting him from the world around him. His nearly ever-present messenger bag bears the logo of his former employer.

Tommy is generally optimistic and happy-go-lucky, whether by nature or nurture, remains to be seen. He is bold and reckless, largely unconcerned with the consequence. He seldom seems to take anything too seriously, good or bad, preferring to live in the moment. He is a thrill-seeker, living for the rush of excitement that comes with his haphazard lifestyle. He often understands and makes comments to things as if it was a virtual reality, such as a game or a movie – based on his origins, it could be a valid explanation.

Tommy knows Hapkido and Eskirma allowing him to efficiently fight with sticks and knives, both items that are readily available on the street and don’t draw too much attention. Additionally, he is an accomplished gymnast and practitioner of parkour, which is his preferred mode of travel when not on his jump board, so if he can’t fight, he can sure be hard to catch.

Tommy is currently wanted for questioning for an arson and double homicide from several years back.

He recently took 2nd place in Tac-Tech’s 2091 Mayhem Tournament, losing to underdog Koalaphile1101102033, when, after having a clear lead, he unexpectedly stopped playing to answer his comm during the final match.

Character build notes…
Hindrance – Off the grid, Reckless/Impulsive.
Edge – Acrobat, Thief, Scavenger, Alertness, Two-Fisted, Ambidextrous
Occupation – Courier
Equipment – UP Hoodyz, SO Shinyru Impact Suit (Combat webbing), Goggles (Nightvision. Thermal, Flash Comp), Telescoping Baton, WT Shillelagh Havoc Stick, HT HT-9 Holdout Pistol, Zipline Grapple Gun & Rig, NM Kamikaze Jump Board, Messenger Bag, GPS, SOTA portable data/entertainment device(s), non-lethal grenades,
Cyberware- Vehicle Control Interface


Tommy ‘Blink’ lives in a state of perpetual motion. He is fidgety, impulsive and reckless and lives on a steady diet of energy drinks, sugary snacks and instant-meals. He has vague memories of a mother and father as well as some hazy childhood feelings, but, in reality, those are simply generic imprints plugged into is psyche. He is a 4-year old vat-grown simulacrum developed as an inexpensive courier utilized by many businesses world wide. He is, Model T0-M, Series E, and was grown in an experimental new hyper-development status, which halved his development time. Unfortunately, his mind & body never adjusted correctly, leaving him appearing younger than intended, both physically and mentally. To compensate, he was enhanced with movement and acrobatic attributes, to take advantage of his smaller stature. His persona was also affected with the hyper-development, leaving him quite inattentive and impetuous making his actions hastily and without much regard to the consequence.

His employer, or rather, owner, was Speedee Deliveree, who’s owner had unexpectedly died in a motor-vehicle accident earlier this year. Due to debt, the failing business was quickly shut down, leaving Tommy, who somehow was lost in the shuffle, homeless and unemployed. Having no other cause or direction, he took to the streets, transporting packages for anyone willing to give him a pittance, be it a roof over his head, or food in his ever-hungry stomach. He salvaged or stole all he could, selling and trading what he didn’t need. While difficult to find, as he is not correctly registered, he is often found at Cybertronix, as they have ‘the most reliable data connection in town,’ and has become fast friends with the regulars there.

Tommy 'Blink' Kyeong

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