Saints in the Shadows

I need credits

As I returned to my home, the Ahava Kshera Hotel, the manager, Sid told me that he is raising my rent. I told him I couldn’t afford it. Despite my clever response he assured me that rent was increasing regardless. He informed me that he had overheard some men say they were looking for a wheelman for a job. I told Sid this was interesting but I needed to find a way to get additional credits to pay my rent. Strangely he acted as if he thought my response was exasperating and he repeated that these guys needed a wheelman for a job that would pay credits. I replied, “Thank you, Sid”. Clearly he must have been wanting appreciation for this information. As I headed towards my room, Sid groaned and repeated for a third time the same information. He added, perhaps if I found them a wheelman, they would give me credits as well. Ahhh this may work. Well this was a problem but I know a place that will take care of it for me. Claok & Dagger Solutions ‘All your problems, solved’.
In the back of the Boneyard I found the place and within I spoke to Cloak. I let him know that I was in search of a wheelman for a job. I am sure I was quite clear about what I wanted but still he was acting frustrated by the time he picked up his phone and made a few calls. In short order he told me that he found just the man I needed and that he would be here in short order. I sat in one of the few chairs in Cloak’s office which also appeared to frustrate the man. He said, “There are much more comfortable chairs out in the bar where you could wait.” I assured him that it was no bother and that I had sat in much less comfortable chairs. This seemed to frustrate him as well. This fellow seems to be easily frustrated.
In less than an hour a man arrived in the office dressed in casual attire and sporting a tail. I am not certain what it was about the fellow but he reminded me of some kind of animal. A possum perhaps? He must be a hybrid. I let the man know what I was in need of and offered him my assistance with discussing terms with our potential employer. The man introduced himself as Bobo and was in quite a hurry. He was willing to perform the job and willing to have me assist him with procuring employment. Cloak seemed very happy that we had come to an agreement and ushered us out of his office. Strange it seems that the few times that I have seen him happy is always as I am departing his office, he must draw a great deal of pleasure from solving problems.
Bobo and I spoke with Sid again to get details of where to meet our future employers and were soon off to Kadie’s Bar. Kadie’s Bar was an adult entertainment dancing establishment. I was quite distressed at the poor skills of some of the dancers and offered to show Bobo how much better I was at dancing but he declined. We asked around for Chazz, the name that Sid had given me, and were directed to a side room. Within, we found a group of men and a woman and by his description, I picked out Chazz immediately. I told him who we were and that we were here for the job and though he was a bit surprised, we soon convinced him that we could do it. He informed us of the plan and told us to be ready the following morning.
The plan was to hijack a truck load of electronic equipment in Southside and deliver it to a building at the north end of the city. The other teams members would be working in The Deep to arrange for the truck to be loaded and the route it would take for us to meet it. The final team would attack the security convoy and lead them away so that Bobo and I could hijack the truck.
The following morning all went as planned with the other teams. As soon as the security vehicles were lead away, I hacked the locks of the vehicle and popped the doors. Bobo and I went in then tranquilizer guns blazing to incapacitate the vehicle crew. Apparently Bobo and I should have practiced with this type of gun before attempting the attack, the needles did not fly in a predictable manner and the vehicle nearly escaped before we finally managed to incapacitate the crew and hop in the vehicle. Unfortunately, the security vehicles were just returning as we got under way.


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