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  • Armor

    |*TYPE (PERSONAL)*|*ARMOR*|*WEIGHT*|*COST*|*NOTES*| |BKI(Black Knight Industries). [[equ_armor-ghost suit|Ghost Suit]]|2|15|9,500|Covers entire body; see description| |BKI(Black Knight Industries). [[equ_armor-golemech combat survival suit|Golemmech …

  • Sheath

    A sheath or a scabbard, intended to carry a bladed weapon. |*Item*|*Cost*|*Notes*| |Sheath|10|Holds a knife| |Sheath, Concealed|50|-2 to Notice checks to detect knife| |Sheath, Quick Draw|25|Draw weapon with only -1 multi-action penalty| | …

  • Adventures

    [[Wheelman Wanted]] [[No help for Old Men]] [[Running Blind]] [[The Eyes Have It]] [[Outsourced]] [[In trouble again]] [[Intermission]] [[What's Happening Really]] [[Don't miss the train]]

  • Places

    * [[Boneyard]] - A tavern in [[Roseland]], that also houses [[Cloak and Dagger Solutions]] * [[Cloak and Dagger Solutions]] A 'troubleshooting' enterprise in [[Roseland]]. * [[Jonah's Workshop]] A repair/second-hand shop in [[Roseland]] * [[Kadie's …

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