Tag: Monstrous Ability


  • Low Light

    Your eyes are accustomed to the dark and shadows of the alleys and abandoned buildings. You ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.

  • Regeneration

    Regeneration comes in two types: Fast and Slow. * *Fast Regeneration* lets a wounded creature make a Vigor roll every round to heal any damage it has sustained— even after it has been “killed.” A success heals one wound (or removes Incapacitated …

  • Echolocation

    Users ignore all lighting penalties. However, when attacking opponents standing still (i.e., those who take no action, such as movement or attacking, or who are on Hold), they're at a -4 to attack rolls.

  • Wall Walker

    Some creatures have the ability to walk on walls. These creatures only make Climbing rolls in the most adverse and stressful situations—otherwise they automatically walk on vertical or inverted surfaces just as a human walks on the earth. A Wall Walker’s …

  • Infravision

    Nocturnal beasts often see in the infrared spectrum— meaning they can “see” by detecting heat. Creatures with Infravision halve penalties (round down) for bad lighting when attacking living targets. Clever characters may figure out ways to mask their …

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