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  • race-hybrid

    h1. Hybrid
    *Nicknames:* _Cut and Pasted, Dye Job, Fashion Victim, Frankenstein, Freak, Gene Junkie, Monkey Boy, Moreau, Transgenic_ At some point, you underwent radical gene therapy. Whether it was for fashion reasons or military ones, you now …

  • race-bioroid

    h1. Bioroid
    *Nicknames:* _Biobot, Perso-com, Para-human, Soft Bioroids_ You sometimes wonder why humans created such an inefficient system for you. Food, proper hygiene, rest — you require all these things. Unlike your metal siblings, you do not …

  • race-human

    h1. Human
    *Nicknames:* _Norms, Homo-sapiens, Earthlings, Plain Jane_ Baseline, average, normal — these words always described you. You prefer to think of yourself as adaptable, versatile, or unique. You were born to human parents who either wouldn …

  • race-human2

    h1. Human 2.0
    *Nicknames:* _Coded, Elitist, Eugenic, Gen-Xy’er, Neo-Humans, Savant_ You were born with the best genes money can buy. Your parents went to a design house early in your mother’s first trimester and began a series of genetic …

  • race-simulacra

    h1. Simulacra
    *Nicknames:* _Bioform, Chimera, Doppelganger, Manchurian Candidate, Puppet, Replicant, Sim, Simmie, Synthetic, Vat Baby_ While you may not know it, you’re a vat-grown biological construct, built in man’s image. You have memories …

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