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  • Agility

    Agility is your hero’s nimbleness, quickness, and dexterity. Return to [[Traits]]

  • Smarts

    Smarts is a measure of how well your character knows his world and culture, how well he thinks on his feet, and mental agility. Return to [[Traits]]

  • Spirit

    Spirit reflects inner wisdom and willpower. Spirit is very important as it helps your character recover from being [[Shaken]] Return to [[Traits]]

  • Strength

    Strength is raw physical power and general fitness. Strength is also used to generate your warrior’s damage in hand-to-hand combat. Return to [[Traits]]

  • Vigor

    Vigor represents endurance, resistance to disease, poison, or toxins, and how much pain and physical damage a hero can shake off. Return to [[Traits]]

  • Charisma

    Charisma is a measure of your character’s appearance, manner, and general likability. It’s 0 unless you have [[Edges]] or [[Hindrances]] that modify it. Charisma is added to [[skill-persuasion|Persuasion]] and [[skill-streetwise|Streetwise]] rolls, and is …

  • Pace

    Pace is how fast your character moves in a standard combat round. [[race-human|Humans]] walk 6” in a round and can move an additional 1d6” if they run. Write “6” on your character sheet beside the word Pace. This is 6” on the table-top—every inch there …

  • Parry

    Parry is equal to 2 plus half your character’s [[skill-fighting|Fighting]] (2 if a character does not have Fighting), plus any bonuses for shields or certain weapons. This is the [[Target Number]] (TN) to hit your hero in hand-to-hand combat. For stats …

  • Toughness

    Toughness is your hero’s damage threshold. Anything over this causes him to be rattled or worse. Toughness is 2 plus half your hero’s [[Vigor]], plus Armor (use the armor worn on his torso). [[Vigor]] over a d12 is calculated just like Parry. Return to …

  • Strain

    Strain measures the amount of stress cyberware and bioware puts onto your body when you install it. Strain starts at zero and each Augment adds to your Strain stat. High levels of Strain can lead to mental instability and even death. You can find more …

  • Firewall Rating

    Unless your character has the [[hindrance-unplugged|Unplugged]] [[hindrances|Hindrance]], she has a Tendril Access Processor (TAP), and therefore has a built-in firewall. The firewall protects against attempts to hack a character’s TAP. A character’s …

  • Street Cred

    Street Cred is a measure of your character’s reputation on the streets. All characters begin play with 2 points of Street Cred—modified by any [[Edges]] or [[Hindrances]] which affect Street Cred—and gain another 2 points every time they gain another Rank …

  • Contacts

    Contacts: Each character can choose two Contacts, people the character knows who he can call upon for aid or information during the course of an adventure. This can be anything from the local bartender to a corporate executive, as long as it makes sense …

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