Cloak and Dagger Solutions

‘All your problems, solved.’

Cloak & Dagger Solutions is a Private Investigation firm, formerly operating out of a back room of the Boneyard Taven in the Roseland district. Recent success has relocated it into a respectable office building in Burbank. Founded in July 2089, by Reese Carmichael, a former local policeman, it has quickly earned a reputation of effective work, even if it seems somewhat amateur in appearance, and unconventional in approach. While officially classified as a private investigation firm, they have also been effectively employed as bounty hunters, detectives, security & recovery specialists, as well as many other ‘off the book’ operations of legal concern.

District: Burbank (Good)
Renown Points: 22
Rank: Established
Lifestyle: +100
Cost: 40,000
Agency Bennies: 1
Agency Employees: 2/2


  • Cloak is a former policeman, turned private eye. A keen detective who knows his way around the streets.
  • Dagger is the muscle of the pair – a battle-ready cyborg who can more than hold his own in a fight.
  • Ajacutty is the name of a ‘pet’ dog that has taken to more or less living (or freeloading, as Cloak suspects) at the office.
  • Blink (Errand Boy, Hacking d8)
  • Someone? (Secretary; Investigation d6, Jack of All Trades)

Cloak and Dagger Solutions shares the bottom floor of NAME,A medium-sized office building in Burbank. It is evident that this agency is a motif of a pulp-era detective office. The lobby is decorated in a dark synth-wood, complete with a few benches for waiting. A painted sign “Claok & Dagger Solutions” (a gift from Bonz hangs on the wall as a memento. Off the lobby is an office/conference room, complete with a stocked liquor cabinet (mostly synth liquors, but some branded liquors for special occasions. In that back is an open kitchen/dining room, secure store room & workshop.

This less than spacious room fits the noir style of old. A beat-up desk sits facing the door covered in newspapers and case files (along with the occasional police-file), and the occasional bottle of cheap synth-whiskey. A pair of mismatched chairs face the desk for the clients convenince. A few book shelves and filing cabinets sit overloaded in apparent disorder, and a digital VR clipboard with images and feeds posted to it is off to the side. This is all for show, most of the work is stored on the computer.

Cloak and Dagger Solutions

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