There are two ways to chose cybernetics in Interface Zero 2.0. You can chose your cybernetics piece by piece using the Master Augmentation List\, or you can chose an Augmentation Package. For more information on cybernetics, see the cyberware rules.

The cost of a given augment is determined by the type of grade you wish to purchase. There are four grades; Gutterware, Streetware, Hyperchrome, and Milware. Each grade has a base cost. To determine the final cost, multiply the base cost by the Strain of the augment. The result is the monetary amount you need to spend to get said augment. Here’s a chart of the base cost for each grade to help you quickly figure out the final cost of any given augment.


Gutterware 1,000 credits
Streetware 5,000 credits
Hyperchrome 25,000 credits
Milware 125,000 credits
Celebrity Package 5 See description
Gunslinger Package 5 See description
Pro Sport Athlete Package 6 See description
Shock Trooper Package 10 See description
Spy Package 5 See description
Street Warrior Package 5 See description
Survivor Package 2 See description
Adrenalin Boost 1 +2 to Spirit checks to resist being Shaken
Ambidexterity Link 2 Grants the Ambidextrous edge
Anti-Toxin System 1 +2 to Resist Poison
Beautification Treatment 2 +2 Charisma
Biofeedback 2 Spirit die raised by 1 type
Biofeedback, Advanced 3 Spirit die raised by 2 types
Bone Reinforcement I-III 2/level +1 Toughness/level
Communications System 1 Personal, short-range comm gear
Cyberlimb, 1 Module 1 See modules
Cyberlimb, 2 Modules 2 See Modules
Cyberlimb, 3 Modules 3 See Modules
Cybernose, Chemical Sniffer 1 +2 Notice rolls based on scent
Cybergills 1 Amphibious
Cyberlungs I 1 30 minute air supply
Cyberlungs II 2 60 minute air supply
Cyberskull, Protean 2 −2 Penalty to Notice rolls to I.D. character
Cyberskull, Enforcer 3 +2 bonus to Intimidation rolls, +1 supplemental armor (head)
Cyberweapon 1 Str+d4 damage, always considered armed
Cyberweapon, Improved 2 Str+d6 damage, always considered armed, see notes
Cyberweapon, Advanced 3 Str+d8 damage, always considered armed, see notes
Data Carrier 1 Implanted and secured non-wireless hard disk
Drug Reservoir 2 Holds 3 doses of one substance, see description
Emotional Resistance Response System 1 +2 to Smarts or Spirit rolls in a Test of Will
EMP Shielding, Basic 1 +2 Armor versus EMP weapons
EMP Shielding, Advanced 2 +4 Armor versus EMP weapons
Enhanced Neural Net 2 Smarts die raised by 1 type
Enhanced Neural Net, Advanced 3 Smarts die raised by 2 types
Environmental Regulators 1 +2 to Survival rolls for 1 type of environment
Enhanced Articulation 2 Agility die raised by 1 type
Enhanced Articulation, Advanced 3 Agility die raised by 2 types
Extra Limb 2 Grants extra actions
Fight or Flight System 2 Grants the Quick Edge
Glider 1 2:1 Glide ratio
Knowcomp 1 Gives a skill at d6 or specialization
Knowcomp, Advanced 2 Gives a skill at d8 or 2 specializations in one skill
LEN Dermal Sheath 3 +2 Supplemental armor, +4 Stealth Checks
Lifesaver System 2 +2 to Vigor for natural healing
Lifesaver system, Advanced 3 Only bleeds after 3 turns
Lo-Jack 1 Subdermal tracker identifies location
Motion Sensor 2 Grants Danger Sense edge within 10’
Muscle Augmentation 2 Strength die is raised by 1 type
Muscle Augmentation, Advanced 3 Strength die is raised by 2 types
Nanobot Implants 2 Grants the Lesser Regeneration ability
Nanoweave Organ System 2 Vigor die is raised by 1 type
Nanoweave Organ System, Advanced 3 Vigor die is raised by 2 types
Personal Airbags 1 Half damage from falling and crashes
Precision Actuator 1 Bonus to skills involving precise movement
Proximity Indicator 1 +1 to Parry
Reinforced Exoskeleton 1 Encumbrance value rises to Strength ×8
Smartgun System 1 Shooting roll Wild Die is a d8 (Extras gain a d4)
Smartgun System, Advanced 2 Shooting roll Wild Die is a d10 (Extras gain a d6)
Subdermal Armor 1 +1 supplemental armor on all locations
Subdermal Armor, Advanced 2 +2 supplemental armor on all locations
Tactical Computer 3 Draws an extra Action Card and uses the best result
Tactical System Radio 2 Can share bennies with allies within 25.”
Tailored Pheromones 2 +2 bonus Charisma with sentient organic beings
Trauma Suppressor 2 Ignore 1 level of Wound penalties, see description
Vehicle Control Interface I–III 2/level See description
Wireless Reflexes I–III 2/level +1 Parry, enemies suffer −1 penalty to hit at range/level
Amplified Hearing Ears +2 to Notice rolls involving sound
Breaching System Arm +2 Damage in barehanded Fighting rolls, +4 damage vs inanimate objects
Chemical Injector Hand Store 3 doses of up to 3 compounds see description
Cyberlegs, Aquatic Legs +2 to Swimming Rolls, +2 Pace underwater
Cyberlegs, Ligament Enhancement Legs Adds 4" to Pace
Cyberlegs, Stabilization System Legs Negates unstable platform penalties
Cyberskates Legs +4 pace on smooth surfaces
Cyber Tools Arm +2 Repair rolls for each Repair skill specialization
Drone Hand Hand Hand is a drone see description
Enhanced Vision Eyes Halves penalty for Medium and Long Range
Fingerprint Duplicator – Lockpicking Kit Hand +2 to Lockpicking rolls
Firearm Arm Range 12/24/48; Damage 2d6; ROF: 1; Shots 10
Firearm, Automatic Arm Range 12/24/48; Damage 2d6; ROF: 3; Shots 30
Firearm, Heavy Arm Range 12/24/48; Damage 3d6; ROF: 1; Shots 10
Flash Compensators Eyes +4 to resist flash based attacks
Gecko Hands Hands Gain Wall Walker monstrous ability
Grapple Mod Arm Grapple Hook with 100’ cable
Infra-Ultra Optics Eyes Gain Infravision monstrous ability
Internal Rocket Boosters Legs Jump up to 25’ with Agility check
Kangaroo System Legs Double jump distance
Motion Detector Ears +2 Notice during “Last Step”, see description
Night Vision Optics Eyes Gain Low Light Vision monstrous ability
Recoil Compensation Arm Removes 2 penalty points from auto-fire
Reflexive Strike Module Arm or Leg Gain Counterattack Edge
Spy Eye Eyes +1 Notice
VidCam Eyes 12 hours of recordable video


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