Load Limit


In general, you shouldn’t worry about Encumbrance. Characters will usually carry no more than their characters think they actually need. But occasionally it may become dramatically important—such as during a chase or when attempting to lug a heavy treasure away from a roaring dragon! When that occurs, use the guidelines below.

A character can carry five times his Strength die type in pounds without incurring any penalties. This is called his “Load Limit.” A character with a Strength of d8, for example, can comfortably carry 40 pounds. (Ignore normal clothes when figuring weight.)

Carrying too much weight inflicts a –1 penalty for every additional multiple of your Load Limit. The penalty applies to all Agility and Strength totals, as well as skills linked to either of those two attributes.

A hero with a d8 Strength, for example, has a Load Limit of 40 pounds. He can carry 41-80 pounds at a –1 penalty to his Strength, Agility, and related skill rolls. He could also carry 81-120 pounds at –2, or 121-160 pounds at –3.

Characters cannot regularly carry weight that inflicts a penalty of more than –3. They may be able to lift greater weights (up to a –4 penalty) for a few short steps at the discretion of the GM, however.

Load Limit

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