Private Investigator

Nicknames: Dick Tracy, Gumshoe, Private Eye, P.I., Pinkerton, Sherlock

“As a private eye, I get to see all the nasty, grimy crap the sprawl has to offer, and the pay is equally crappy. Usually it’s pretty stock work — divorce cases, skip traces, missing persons, identity theft, background checks, etc. But every now and again, I’ll catch a murder — nothing high-profile of course, otherwise sector police or some POLcorp like Ravenlocke Securities would be all over it. But sometimes, those low-profile cases can get really ugly, ami. They fall into my lap because someone wants to keep them as quiet as possible, which usually means a megacorp’s involved, and THAT means the gig’s not always as simple as just finding the bad guy and riding off into the sunset.
“It takes every bit of experience and skill I have to weave my way through the myriad dangers that come with an investigation into a corp-linked murder and live through it. But hey, that’s part and parcel of the job, chum, and it beats slimy divorce cases any day of the week.”

Bonus Credits: 5,000 credits each Advance.
Requisites: Investigator
Perks: Private Investigators start with two extra Contacts at the beginning of the game.

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Private Investigator

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