Stealth (Agility)

Stealth is the ability to both hide and move quietly, as well as palm objects and pick pockets. In many Savage Worlds games, knowing exactly when your hero has been spotted and when he hasn’t can be critical.

For a character to sneak up on foes and infiltrate enemy lines, start by figuring out if the “guards” the heroes are sneaking up on are “active” or “inactive.” Inactive guards aren’t paying particularly close attention to their surroundings. The group need only score a standard success on their individual Stealth rolls to avoid being seen. Failing a Stealth roll in the presence of inactive guards makes them active.

Active guards make opposed Notice rolls against the sneaking characters’ Stealth skills. Failing a roll against active guards means the character is spotted.

Apply the following modifiers to all Stealth rolls:

Stealth Modifiers
Situation Modifier

Crawling +2
Running –2
Dim light +1
Darkness +2
Pitch darkness +4
Light cover +1
Medium cover +2
Heavy cover +4

►►The Last Step: Sneaking to within 6” of a foe (usually to get close enough for a melee attack) requires an opposed Stealth roll versus the target’s Notice, whether the guard is active or inactive.

►►Movement Rate: Out of combat, each Stealth roll covers moving up to five times the character’s Pace. In combat, the Stealth roll covers only a single round of movement.

►►Stealth for Groups: Out of combat, make only one Stealth roll for each like group of characters (see Group Rolls on page 63). Use the lowest movement rate to determine how much ground is covered. The observers also make a group roll to Notice their foes. Once a combat breaks down into rounds, Stealth and Notice rolls are made on an individual basis.

Specializations: Disguise, Hiding, Sleight of Hand, Sneaking

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