Nicknames: Panzer Jockey, Runner, Coyote, Moving man

“You need me to run the cargo from Chi-Town, through the NAC to Atlantica? Sure, I can do that, but it’s going to cost you, and it won’t be cheap. I’ve got the fastest VTOL on the continent, and I know all the security protocols used by the NAC border authority. Another thing, I better not be carting around some bomb either; I don’t want any part in some would-be terrorist plot. You fuck me on that, and I’ll come back and fuck you and yours, you hear me? Other than that, I don’t ask questions, and I won’t look at what I’m transporting. Your secrets are safe with me, because I won’t know what they are.”

Bonus Credits: 5,000 credits every Advance.
Requisites: Thief, Agility d8+, Athletics\Climbing d6+, Lockpicking d6+, Stealth d8+
Perks: A smuggler has access to a vehicle of his choice worth 50,000 credits or less.

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