Street Cred

Street Cred is a measure of your character’s reputation on the streets. All characters begin play with 2 points of Street Cred—modified by any Edges or Hindrances which affect Street Cred—and gain another 2 points every time they gain another Rank. The maximum Street Cred a character can normally achieve is 10 (but through certain Edges, this can be increased as high as 16).

Unlike Charisma, which measures your ability to persuade someone, Street Cred is a point pool that can be spent to obtain services, temporary contacts, information, and a variety of other benefits during the course of an adventure. This pool refreshes each adventure unless circumstances in the prior adventure (like not getting the job done, failing to protect someone, killing an innocent, etc.) cause the character’s Street Cred score to drop.

Characters can also pick up Minor or Major Hindrances that have a lasting effect on their Street Cred score during the course of an adventure. These Hindrances can be removed by spending an Advance, with the GM’s permission. For more information about Street Cred, see the Systems of Control chapter.

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Street Cred

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