Grant 'Teach' Meloni


Contrary to his appearance, Grant is a intelligent man, in fact – at one time, a highly-respected chemistry professor at the University of Chicago. However, a near legendary nervous breakdown in the midst of a semester a few years ago, set him upon the path he is now on. Rumors of self-administered experimentation and a stint in the psychiatric ward have never been confirmed, but does not seem unbelievable. Most people consider him to be a harmless, albeit eccentric man. He passes through the Gary Hells strangely unmolested by the local gang elements, for, unknown to most, he uses his knowledge as in chemistry to synthesize drugs for them.

Associates: Reese ‘Cloak’ Carmichael – As a police officer, Reese and his partner, Alexis were well aware of Grant’s narcotic sales. In one case, Reese requested Grant’s assistance to track down a drug dealer who was selling cyanide-laced methamphetamines and have remained in good standing with each other since.


Grant 'Teach' Meloni

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