Brit 'Hatred' Hansen

Leader of the Hell Razerz


Young and attractive, Brit is nearly 6’4" tall and lean. She wears a combat jacket with the gang logo on the back and heavy boots. She is most often seen riding her “Iron Horse” with a submachine gun on her side.

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Driving d4, Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Notice d6, Shooting d8, Stealth d4, Survival d4
Charisma: 2; Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 7; Firewall: 4; Strain: 0; Street Cred: 2
Hindrances: Vow, Mean, Greedy
Edges: Brawny, EX-Soldier, Attractive
Occupation: Ganglander
Contacts: Ganglander, Bounty Hunter

Combat Jacket

Weapon Range Damage ROF Cost Weight Shots Min Str Notes
WT Wanderer 12/24/48 2d6 3 2,000 3 30 AP 1, Auto, 3RB
Harley-Davidson-Indian “ Iron Horse” Cruiser 15/30 8(2) 5,000 1+1



Brit ‘Hatred’ Hansen is a dangerous young woman. She climbed to the second in command position of the Hell Razerz through skill, determination, and brutality. It is her goal to lead the gang but with Maxwell ‘Koz’ Kozlowski in the way she is going to have to bide her time. She doesn’t believe that she can beat him in a straight up fight and she isn’t certain of leadership if she takes him by surprise. Brit is looking for an edge that will earn her the gang. The party assisted her in gaining the leadership of the Hell Razers by eliminating the former leader.

Brit 'Hatred' Hansen

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