Supplemental Armor

Supplemental Armor (SArmor)

Supplemental armor is a representation of additional protection, The most common is wearing a combat vest over regular body armor. Only 1 piece of supplemental armor will count, the one with the greatest protection. Thus wearing Underarmour ( +1 SArmor) under a suit of combat armor ( +4 Armor) and a Leather Trenchcoat ( +2 SArmor) will only grant the +2 supplemental armor bonus, not +3 for the Trenchcoat and UnderArmour. Note however, that two pieces of Supplemental armor can stack if there are no additional pieces of armor. Leather Trench & UnderArmour = +3 armor.

Wasteland Traders Traveler Cloak
Executive Decision Underarmour
Bombs on Broadway Armored Cape
Executive Decision Combat Vest
Private Dick Urban Trench
Urban Punk Hoodyz
Urban Punk Street Soldier Combat Thredz

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Supplemental Armor

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