“The Leader in Hyper Entertainment”


SynthSystems brings you the absolute best in entertainment. No other MegaConglom can compete with SynthSystems. If entertainment drives the world, then the TAP is the car. SynthSystems brings you entertainment in all forms. Hyper Concert Console, HyperReality Role-playing games, HyperReality First Person Shooters, and the Holo Friend are all top sellers in the HyperAge!! “Come play with us!”

#Neon Bright: Sick-ass guitars.
#Tinman: I no rite? Jericho Rose gets all her gear from these guys.
#Luciferion: That’s because SynthSystems has a rep for grinding other corps into the ground. Word is, Jericho’s looking to break out of her contract and build her own systems.
#Neon Bright: Good luck with that.


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